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Web Declutter is a simple tool which allows you to remove distracting or undesired elements from web pages, making your web more readable and printer friendly.
For example, remove :-
  • Flash content
  • Videos
  • Advertisements
  • Animated images
  • Slide shows/carousels
  • Any content you want excluded from a printout
  • Any other element that you choose

How To Use

Click on Quick Web Declutter favorite (highlighted red in figure below) to quickly remove all web page element types commonly associated with Flash content (ie. HTML Object, IFrame, and Embed tags). If this has removed too much, hit F5 to reload the page.

To selectively remove elements from a web page, click on Web Declutter favorite (highlighted blue in figure below), then hover the mouse over the elements on the page. A tooltip is displayed, showing information about the element currently being hovered over. Eg in the figure below, the tooltip (highlighted green) shows information about a Flash element which contains an advert. When you click on the tooltip the element is removed from the page. At the top left of the tooltip is a black disclosure triangle which toggles on/off the Container Heirarchy for the current element, which allows whole groups of elements to removed at once. Any kind of element can be removed, eg paragraphs, images, hyperlinks, list items, lists, headings, tables, form fields, and general purpose div/span elements.

You can remove all elements except the current element by clicking the tooltip with the Alt key (or Shift or Control key) held down. This can also be done in the Container Heirarchy List.

At any time you can hit F5 to restore the page. Once you have tidied up the page to your satisfaction, hit ESC (or '0' (zero) or 'E') key to cancel Web Declutter, so that the tooltips are no longer displayed. Please see the Usage Tips section for further tips on using Web Declutter.

Sample Web Declutter
Sample of Web Declutter's tooltip,
and icons in favorites bar on IE8

How To Install

Web Declutter is a bookmarklet, a small program that is stored as a Favorite or Bookmark in your web browser. On clicking the Favorite, the program runs within the current web page.

Web Declutter comes with a quick version, Quick Web Declutter, which in one click removes the page elements most commonly used to store Flash content (ie. HTML Object, IFrame, and Embed tags).

To install Web Declutter/Quick Web Declutter either right click the buttons below and select “Add To Favorites…”, or drag the buttons onto your Favorites or Bookmarks toolbar or panel. (Note: in Internet Explorer a warning is issued, but this can be ignored).

Once installed, try it out on this page, eg remove the images and navigation bar, and some of the paragraphs and headings. Go to Print Preview to see how this affects a print.

Web Declutter Quick Web Declutter
  • Works on all major browsers
  • No need to install plug-in


On some browsers, icons can be associated with the bookmarklets on the Favorites Bar, eg in Internet Explorer (v6 or greater), right-click the bookmarklet, select Properties, then Change Icon, then navigate to the required icon (.ICO file) on your hard drive. You can save the icons below to your hard drive as .ICO files by right-clicking and selecting “Save Picture As…”, “Save Image As…”, or “Save Image…”.

Web Declutter Icon Quick Web Declutter Icon


A disorderly or confused state or collection; a jumble
v. tr.
To fill or lay out in a disorderly manner
To simplify or get rid of mess, disorder, complications, etc